Would you like to have the tools that you need to produce professional looking websites effortlessly, with minimum input and maximum effect every time? This isn’t a pipe dream, I’ve been working in web design and internet marketing for over 6 years and now is the time for me to share my wealth of knowledge with you!

Because Good Web Design is Hard!

That’s what I was told when I first began working for myself all those years ago. My question then, as it is now is why? Why should something that look so easy take hours, if not days to do so I took it upon myself to build a toolkit and create my own empire from the comfort of my living room.

I learnt that a few good tools make all the difference. Fast forward a few years and my life became very, very different. I worked hard and built a toolkit which I use time and time again to produce professional looking sites with ease that take very little time , look amazing and have the latest SEO compatibilities already included in them. In fact, the tools I use are so easy it was a comment from my girlfriend that brings me to write this letter just for you today...

My girlfriend, after watching me work one day said, ‘You don’t do much do you’. After living together for two years and having to wake up at 6am and do an hour commute everyday, she’d finally decided to take her passion for food and work out a way to create an online income with her knowledge and skills. Her first question was:

How Can I Make a GREAT Looking
Website for VERY LITTLE Money?’

She asked me to design her site for her and I remembered the mistakes that I made when I first started out and the clumsy looking websites that I used to produce.

Then the penny dropped! It's simple. I’ll give her all the tolls and resources that got me to this point and today is the day that I’m going to open my toolbox so...


You can have Instant Access to:

225 Premium Wordpress themes, from the likes of Woothemes,
iThemes, Studio Press, Gabfire, Gorilla Themes, Theme Junkies and Theme Shift


Demo video 1 Updated! Now Contains...
Apz, Inspire, Crisp, Diarise, Estate, Skeptical,
Spectrum, Coda and The Morning After

Demo video 1

Demo video 1

Demo video 1

With These Themes You'll be able too...

5 Create awesome looking sites with no effort in less than ten minutes.
4 Never have to spend $60 - $100 on a premium theme again - this bundle is going to save
you over $3000
3 Have an SEO ready site ready to pull in free traffic from Google day in, day out.
2 stable Wordpress platform used by millions world wide - this means you're in safe hands.
1 BUILD Professioal looking websites in minutes then SELL them to clients. This has been the bulk of my online earnings for years.
1 Lifetime Updates for the Themes as and when we add them.



But WAIT... There’s more!!!

I've managed to get my hands on 250 Professionally designed themes from a company that'll give you permission to RESELL them again and again (they recommend $97).

I've also thrown in a report called the 'Top 10 ESSENTIAL Wordpress Plugins', these are free plugins that you must have to maximise your seo, traffic and sales.

Then I went bat-shit bonus crazy and I've included a Wordpress Video Training Course that I'm calling 'The Wordpress Empire Builder' - this 10hr, 3 module video course will take you from the wordpress basics of installing to getting traffic and making money.

I was going to stop there but then I thought...

"What's a Website Without visitors?"

So I've added 5 massively powerful software programs for getting links, traffic and guarding your affiliate commissions!

This type of software usually sells for $97 per application.

Phew... looking back over the Bundle Beast I’ve just given away over $900 of bonuses on top of the actual product of 225 Premium Wordpress Themes from design studios like WooThemes, iThemes and the rest...




Fast Action Bonus #1
An Extra 250 Professional Themes

3 Professionally desiged themes with Re-sale Rights
2 Bundle up this package of themes and sell them for up to $97.
1 Give them away free in small batches to your customers to inspire loyalty.


Fast Action Bonus #2

RRP $97 each x 5 = $485

3 A Keyword tool, a Blog Comment Poster, a Directory Submitter, a Forum Poster and Link Cloaker.
2 Build links on auto pilot and post to forums to grab niched and relevant traffic.

Protect your Commissions with the Link Cloaker.





Fast Action Bonus #3

3 Hours of video content taking you from the Wordpress Basics to making money on auto-pilot.
2 Build links on auto pilot and post to forums to grab niched and relevant traffic.

Protect your Commissions with the Link Cloaker.






So, I Said to Her ...
I'll Sell the Whole Bundle for $97.

Then my she gave me that look again. "It was supposed to be affordable so people could create amazing websites without having to already be making money online".

"But .. but ... it's over $3000 worth of resoruces!" So we argued amd guess who lost?

So I'm going to do these 475 Wordpress Themes and the SEVEN bonus products for just $47

And so your bear NONE of the risk in this deal I'm going give you a full 60-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee. I only offer that kind of risk free deal to my past customers like you because we've built up some trust.

As to not over-saturate the market with these themes I'm limiting the amount we sell to 50 and then I'm pulling it. I'll then be putting it back online at double the price and minus the bonuses.

So Let's Recap - what are you getting?

  • 225 Premium Wordpress themes that are simple, easy and quick to use!

  • 250 Professionally Designed Themes that I can legally resell time and time agan

  • The Wordpress Empire Builder Training Course all the tools that I need to build my own internet empire!

  • Top Ten Essential Wordpress Plug-ins report knowledge of which plugins I need to keep ahead of the rest.

  • 5 Software Programmes all the tools I need to optimise my SEO and get my sites ranked

This package would cost $3627 if I sold it separately but it’s yours today for only $47.

Yes Chris! I'm ready to start building my wordpress empire using these premium themes and your video guide AND get crazy amounts of traffic using the bonus software.

I feel assured that this product is covered by a 'no questions asked' 60-day Guarantee so if I'm not happy with the product I will get every last cent back AND keep the product as a thank you for giving it a go.

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to everything listed above.

I'll have immediate access to the members only area where I'll be able to download to my hears content. I also understand that the themes are useable on any platform but the software is windows only.

You've made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to start right now, so I'm clicking the secure order button below.


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